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Redeemer is a family home for the presence of God. We love doing what the Father does by staying connected to Jesus, the Word, the Spirit, and prayer - transforming us from the inside out. We are a presence driven church, meaning we prioritize God's presence over our plans or preferences. Our great prayer is that God's kingdom would come and his will would be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 


Chris Overstreet


December 3rd

10:30-12pm - Evangelism Training
12-2:30pm - Activation of Compassion to Action (Going out and practicing evangelism.)
6:30pm - Saturday Evening service/Encounter Night


December 4th

10:30am - Sunday Morning Service with Chris
6:30pm - Sunday Evening Service/Encounter Night

December 4, 2022

Please follow your convictions regarding safety precautions for yourself as well as others.  You are welcome to wear a mask, and you are welcome to choose not to.  It is our goal to honor each other's convictions, and to show our identity through our love for each other.

“Glorify God with all your wealth, honoring Him with your very best, with every increase that comes to you.” 

Proverbs 3:9